The Talented DJ

Little about me

Hi everyone, Im DJ Rambo. You all know who i am. If you have came from my facebook page. then you have came to the right place! I am a DJ. DJing is mostly what i do. Its my talent. But i also do a bit of dancing. to keep the mood. And i Play the Keyboard. Any song you request. Il learn it and Play it! I Also spend time With my Internet Radio Station, IFM Radio. You can find more details about that via my facebook page. I am not available for bookings at this moment, I will be soon. but don't know when. So keep updated. I hope you all will get a chance to meet up with me!!! Stay Awesome! #RamboTeam #YouraWizzard

what i do

Showing everyone my amazing moves, With many songs you enjoy. and So many Views/Likes/Comments and Shares. Rambo is your man for it all!
Sometimes. I will stop the dancing and take you through to the studio. Where i will do DJ Sessions of great tunes. Worldwide Bangers And Club Classics. Anything to get yourself's dancing! Rambo has it all!
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