A DJ With a Talent/Passion to Succeed

Little about me

Hi everyone. Im The boy Rambo. No not a weapon. Not Sylvester Stallone lol. Its my nickname. And i am a Local DJ living in Glasgow,UK, With over 3,000 people loving me and giving the support of all the streams. You won't go far without enjoying yourselfs!. I even play the keyboard! Hey il belt out a few tunes. haha!. I also run my own internet radio station with a great team. Iconic Radio! Look it up. I bring the talent. I have the followers. The only thing i don't need. Is haters. So back off! ;) Stay Awesome #TEAMRAMBO

what i do

Everyone knew me as the dancer of facebook. Now i keep this to myself. Im not a Dancer I am a DJ
When im not showing off like a fool. Dancing like mad. Il take you all into the Main studio. Where i have my DJ set-up. And Guys. I have all the great tunes, From Hardstyle To Electro. Big bangers I have to provide. You can't miss it. It's epic!. Which is now powered by an Irig. You really cannot go far into a night out without the enjoyment of my mixing!
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